Tax Exempt Policy

Kenwood Liquors has a policy in place for purchases made by individuals or organizations claiming to be exempt from paying State and Local Sales Tax .

  1. Individual or Organization must be a non-profit and have provided us with an updated copy of their tax exemption letter from the state of Illinois Department of Revenue. We will make a copy and keep it on file but ask that it be presented upon every visit to help speed up the transaction.
  2. Payment made with a Check from the organization or a Credit Card from the organization listed on the letter will be the only accepted forms of payment.
  3. Feel free to contact us in advance to place your order and we can provide you with the total necessary to have a check cut from your organization.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have decided to take this precautionary measure to insure that the purchases being made are for use by the organizations that the exemption identification numbers were given, and not for personal use.

On the back you will find an Example of the form the state will send to you after they find you or the organization meet the requirements to be tax exempt.

Thank you for your cooperation and business.


See example letter