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New Releases 🥃

Greetings KLSB Members! And welcome new members!

This release consists of four picks. They are as follows:

1. Smooth Ambler 113.6* @ 41.99
2. Yellowstone 102* @ 59.99
3. Clyde Mays 102* @ 41.99
4. Four Roses OESV 113.6* @ 79.99

The release will begin Thursday, October 6th
and end close of business on Sunday, October 16th

Everyone will get two from the above list. Some of you get three and a handful will get four in this random selection process. I will mention for the Four Roses pick, if you have been a member the entire time, you were placed in a raffle determining who gets a bottle, which again, is random. For those that received this current opportunity, you will be removed from the next Four Roses opportunity.

Remember, you must purchase assigned selections to keep your membership in the club. When you arrive for pickup, you will receive your pre-assigned allocation, so please no e-mail or phone requests.

During this release pickup, there will be an extra opportunity for a chance to purchase ONE of the bottles below. Please tell us at pickup if you wish to "OPT IN". After October 16th, we will randomly assign available bottles to those who participated. Again, it will be random as to who gets picked and which bottle they are assigned, so essentially you are opting into any one of them. There is not an option to choose a specific bottle. If you were chosen, you will be notified when it is available for pickup.

1. Bombergers @ 129.99
2. Shenks @ 119.99
3. Old Fitz Decanter 17 Yr @ 199.99
4. Old Forester Single Barrel Rye 131.2* @ 89.99
5. Wild Turkey Masters Keep Unforgotten @ 199.99

As always, thank you for your continued participation in the Single Barrel Club.

Kenwood Liquors Homer Glen

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