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New Releases 🥃

Greetings current members and welcome new members! In addition to the four bottles in this release, please read below for another optional buying opportunity which will not affect your status in the club.

Important Update: The Single Barrel pickup is now at the register. It is no longer necessary to go to the back of the store. Just let a cashier know you are there for pickup and provide your name for an easy checkout process!

Here is the next set of Barrel Releases:

1. Driftless Glen Finished in Orange Infused Sherry Barrels 100* 74.99
2. EH Taylor Bottled In Bond 100* 79.99
3. Ezra Brooks Cask Strength 120* 49.99
4. Rossville Union Cask Strength Rye 113.2* 69.99

Everyone will be randomly assigned two bottles this release.

The release will begin THURSDAY, March 16TH at noon,
and end at the close of business on SUNDAY, March 26TH.

Remember, you must purchase assigned selections to keep your membership in the club. When you arrive for pickup, you will receive your pre-assigned allocation,
so please no e-mail or phone requests.

When you pick up your bottles you have a chance to OPT-IN to a number of rare allocated bottles. Please make sure to mention to the person who retrieves your assignment that you would like to OPT-IN.

1. Old Fitz 19 Year 100* 264.99
2. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 199.99
3. Parker Heritage Double Barrel 132.2* 194.99
4. High West Prisoner 102* 174.99
5. Jack Daniels 2X Brl 106* 79.99
6. Whistle Pig Piggyback 10 yr Ltd Ed "Piggy Bank Btl" 214.99
7. Whistle Pig Boss Hog 584.99

Those who are RANDOMLY SELECTED will be called AFTER the Single Barrel Pickup is complete! This additional opportunity is available only to members, but your participation will not impact your club status. If you are selected, you can choose a bottle based on availability, as there are several options. Should you choose to pass, based on that availability, it still will not impact your membership in the club.

As always, thank you for your continued participation in the Single Barrel Club!

Kenwood Liquors Homer Glen

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