Bourbon Buying Policy

“PAPPY, BTAC, FOUR ROSES, ETC…” Bourbon Buying Policy

Kenwood Liquors is NOT in the business of selling any ALLOCATED items to “FLIPPERS”.  A flipper is a person who pretends to “love” an allocated item and claims to be a frequent shopper, befriending our staff, all the while anxiously awaiting their opportunity to SELL the exact product.  They likely go store to store purchasing for a heightened profit.  In the end they are wasting our time when we could be better serving you, our loyal customers. We have been investigating these people and removing them from our lists. They ARE the ones that RUIN it for EVERYONE.

I ask ALL of you in the bourbon circles that scour the secondary/black market to provide screen shots/identities of ANY & ALL of these people you might know. It will only make deciphering our “group” easier and in the end improve our allocation lists, etc.

Please email all info to

Our intention is to sell bourbon to a consumer interested in savoring the art and craft that has been nurtured throughout generations and ultimately ends up inside a bottle for their enjoyment.


Kenwood Liquors